ISSA maintains an extensive collection of books, tapes, and CDs, in various disciplines of Islamic studies. Most books are in English. It also includes a collection for children, Arabic books, as well as magazines and journals, such as AlJumuah, The Message, The Fountain, and Al-Bayan, among others. ISSA started organizing books and other items in the library of the Masjid in late 2004. Most books, tapes and CDs that are currently in the library were purchased after this time. All items are catalogued in a master listing. A simple numbering scheme is used to identify each item. If you live in the Seacoast Area of New Hampshire or Southern Maine, you may contact us at to request an abridged listing of the ISSA library contents.

Library Rules

(as published in January 2005)

Respected community members are encouraged to use library items primarily inside the Masjid. If you need to take any item out, please follow the simple rules below:

Please note: